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About Descans Enterprises


Descans Enterprises was established in January 2003. Our goal is to provide our customers with valuable products and information to improve and enhance their lives. We have a variety of products created or written by Joseph Descans himself and others provided by reputable vendors. If you have any questions about these products please feel free to reach us through our contact page. We believe that life is meant to be an adventure--so live it to the fullest!


Joseph Descans' surfing history

Joseph was born in Indianapolis Ind. and moved to California at age 7. He began surfing at age 12 at the Jersey shore town of Lavalette during his summer vacations. By age 15 Joseph had moved closer to the California shore in Del Mar and met the challenge of the west coast surf. His travels have taken him to New Jersey, California, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica and Indonesia. His main passions are tube riding and big wave surfing--especially at Todos Santos Island off Ensenada, Baja California. His photos have appeared in SURFER and SURFING magazines and the ASP TOUR GUIDE and he has appeared on the WAVEWATCH, WAVELENGTHS, and ESPN television shows. listed on this site are just a few of his adventures.

If you are interested in taking a surfing trip to Todos Santos Island, camping in baja California or taking surf lessons in San Diego California please go to our website at www.todossantostours.com


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